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4.5KW Off Grid Solar Power System for Household (FD-OFF/PSP-4500W)

Off gird solar power system for household 

Model: FD-OFF/PSP-4500W



Solar power system working princile:

1. This is an off-grid energy system which uses batteries to store the solar energy, at the same time, the system can be connected with the grid for utilization of grid power.

2. The system uses battery power in priority, but when sunshine is not so good or loads consumption is too big which caused the battery power inadequacy, then the system can switch automatically to grid power supply.

3. Meanwhile, the system can charge the batteries with grid power until batteries are fully charged. Then the system will switch back to battery power supply


Solar power system feature:
1.Off-Grid Solar Enery System is composed of solar panels, controller, inverter, battery bank, solar panel mounting racks, and other accessories required for a complete system.  
2.The solar panels generate electricity at daytime and charge the battery bank through the controller.
3.The battery bank gives a stable power output to the inverter which converts DC to AC to power loads, and provides power backup in rainy or cloudy days.
4.The controller gives an intelligent control of whole system process and provides various protections.


Solar power system applications:

1. Living house and home building

2. Office building, factory and warehouse

3. Shopping mall, venue, stadium and so on

4. Power station, field operation and some huge engineer construction


Solar power system details:


Item No FD-OFF/PSP-4500W
System Basic Information
Solar Panel Rated Output Power: 4.5KW
Suitable for Max Daily Power Consumption: 18KWH
Rated Output AC Capacity: 4.5KW
Solar Panel
Type Poly Crystalline Silicon PV Module
Max Power: 250W*18pcs
Vmp: 30.6V
Size: 1637×992×40mm
Weight: 18.5kg/pc
25 years power output guarantee
(Note: 6pcs panels in series as a string,3 strings in parallel)
Inverter (UPS type)
Input voltage 5KW,DC96V
Output voltage AC220V  2-phase
Type Off grid type, automatic power tracking,
efficiency 97%
Warranty 5years
Solar Controller
Solar power support  5KW
Voltage 96V
Current 60A
Type MPPT charging controller, LCD display
Warranty 5years
Battery capacity 16pcs*12V/100AH per piece Gel Deep Recycle Battery
Solar panel rack
Ground or flat type mounting rack, including complete fittings; galvanized steel material
(Other types of racks can be customized as per client's requirement)
Cables 10mm2 size cable
Certifications CE RoHS







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