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We are cooperating with some world-famous equipment supplier, such as Centrotherm , Baccini and Gorosabel, which are all the top-ranking global supplier in PV equipments. We have brought in the most advanced and brand new equipments from them. The business partnership with these famous suppliers is the prerequisite for us to provide the high quality products. As the leaders in PV equipments, our suppliers have many years'experience in this industry, and enjoy a very high global reputation. Their websites are as follows: 


Fadi’s research team is composed of senior technical experts and senior engineers in the PV field .  Currently as a  National Hi-tech Enterprise and an engineering centre of Jiaxing city,  Fadi is also cooperating closely with some prestigious institutions and Universities,  including Ningbo Material Technology& Engineering Institution of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Donghua University. 

Fadi constantly fosters and employs professional talented and pragmatic people, devoted to the research and development of new technology and the improvements on cell and module efficiency and performance, as well as the reduction of production cost.

Since its  establishment ,   Fadi has obtaining plentiful achievements and applied for 23  patents  with one exclusive patent and has got 8  utility modes, among which N-type mono-crystalline silicon solar cell is awarded as a National Torch Program. 



Our  production  management  is  characterized  by  three  aspects ,  namely  5S  management ,  KPI  management  and  traceability  system. 

Shortly  after  the  establishment  of  our  company ,  we carried out the 5S   management activities in the workshops . The 5 S refer to SEIRI ,SEITON ,SEISO ,SEIKETSU ,SHITSUKE.  Through these activities, we have done well in environmental sanitation and implementation of relevant rules and regulations in the process of production.

KPI refers to Key Performance Indicator.  It is a quantitative management index to measure the process performance, as well as a basis for the business  performance management.   KPI can make clear the main obligations of a department,  and on this basis,  make clear the index  of the staff's performance measurements.

Traceability system includes the traceability of the raw materials and their historic records, and traceability of each production step and each of staff in the workshop in order to enhance quality control.




We attach much importance to the quality of products,  With the quality policy of clients satisfaction,quality first,technological innovation and pursuit  of better,we make the quality assurance and  improvements throughout the whole  production process , and have won wide  praise among our clients. Generally, there are two items, namely quality prevention and quality inspection, for quality control. To assure the quality, the quality  control procedure is composed of Incoming  Quality Control , In process Quality Control,  Quality control  for Semi-products, Final Quality Control, Outgoing Quality Control and Quality Audit.


We have obtained many important  international certificates , such as CE , IEC61215&61730/TüV ,  UL ,  ISO9001 and etc. Our  quality concept  is  that  good  quality is the  only way  out  to  the  business  survival  and  development . By continuous quality  improvements  and  the participation from all the staff,we do our utmost to make our quality among the best in this industry. About Solar module certifications, please click to download.